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The Tales of  Love

Welcome to The Tales Of Love, the podcast that brings you real and raw stories from everyday people navigating the dating world. Guests will share their own personal experiences, successes, and challenges when it comes to finding love in the digital age.

From the excitement of a first date to the disappointment of a bad one, The Tales Of Love covers it all, and offers a unique and diverse perspective on what it means to date as a Black person.

The Tales of Love is the perfect podcast to explore the joys and pitfalls of modern dating. So join us as we listen to real stories from real people.


We are now looking for guest to share their dating stories. We're looking for interesting storytellers who have stories within the following categories

One Night Stand Gone Wrong

Have you ever had a one night stand that went terribly wrong? We're looking for guests to share their stories! Whether it was a night of miscommunication, a crazy ex, or just a wild night that went off the rails, we want to hear from you.

New Love Saved Me From The Old One

Have you ever found yourself in a toxic relationship that you thought you'd never escape from? We're looking for guests to share their stories of finding love after a difficult breakup. Maybe you met someone who helped you realize your worth, or maybe you took a chance on a new relationship after a painful past.

What Happened To?

Have you ever been on a date with someone and thought it went great, only to never hear from them again? 'Da8er', the podcast that explores the world of dating, is looking for guests to share their stories of being ghosted. Maybe you thought you had a connection with someone, but they disappeared without a trace. Or maybe you were left wondering what went wrong after a promising first date.

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