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Tapes & Speakers Weekly Music Seeks Host

Are you the person everyone passes the aux cord to? Are you normally the one to hear new songs.? Then you might be the right host for this segment! We're looking for someone who has a fun way to describe music. It's not just about the songs, but someone who can paint a picture with words.

In this segment, we you will be speaking songs and the way they relate to the people, stories regarding the music industry, did it age well and more.

  • Guest hosting spot will be for (3) or (6) episodes.

  • Must have an ACTIVE social media presence

  • Must be comfortable on camera.

  • Episodes will have light scripting in the beginning and end. Hosts is required to improvise episodes based on content calendar.

  • Must be available for meeting regarding the show.

  • 21 years & older

Email with a short bio, reason why you'd be a great host and a picture. Please attach any social media links.

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