Your Captain Mundo is digging in the vault once again hitting you with another did it age well episode. On Views From The Back Row we are going over one of Kevin Hart's first comedy movie, Soul Plane. So passengers buckle up sit back and relax and listen to another dope episode right here on the CWF Network.

Soul Plane Movie Review (2004)-Did It Age Well-Views From The Back Row



The guys are back with an episode that is much needed, especially in the times we're in. Mush King & Ollie D. are back to discuss the riots and protests that are happening across the country, they talk about how the system has always been to put blacks down, and most importantly they discuss how the laws should be changed especially because they were created by men in powdered wigs.


Powdered Wig Laws-Conversations With Friends-Hosted by Mush King & Ollie D.


With Black History Month ending, we wanted to highlight the directors who are helping to share black stories from all angles. At the CWF Network, we're going to need more than a month to highlight black excellence.

Blk Directors tee


Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time. In this episode, @MushKing__ shares a story when he tried to audition for a BET special and tragedy struck. But how he was able to come back full circle a couple of years later. Sit back and relax this is a good story!

A Story To Tell -Chapter 44-Audition Gone Wrong,But Right-Hosted by Mush King


In this episode, the caller is calling about what to do when you think a friend is taking advantage of you.

No Is a Complete Answer-Jumpstart-Hosted by J.U Jones


Aux is back with a brand new episode.   As we all adjust to our new normal we can't help but notice the racially charged atmosphere we are living in.  Music should always reflect the moments we are living in and in this episode Deluxe Dave has you covered.  Listen to this week's episode as he breaks down some of the music he has been listening to that brings awareness, empowerment, and best of all clarity in critical times like these.

Songs Inspired by BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement-AUX:A Podcast About R&B-Hosted by Deluxe Dave


Heres a story of a young creative who fought to get credit for one of the biggest dance we've seen from the popular app "Tik Tok" Sit back and relax and let Corde take you on an audio journey. Join us every week as we highlight black moments in time, welcome to Yea, That Happened.


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