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CRE8NHSTLE (Create & Hustle) hosted by Mush King is a program that highlights the movers and shakers within their prospective industries. Many people don’t realize the work that is put in behind the scenes to reach some of the milestones that come along with growing a business. The journey of a business-minded person varies based on industry, age, knowledge & of course race. In this series, various creatives will detail their journey on how they created and hustled.

This program will offer airtime to business owners, creatives, non-profits, and community organizations with a platform to educate, inspire and entertain our listeners. CreNHstle celebrates the positive impact that business has on society at large. Our channel is growing quickly with 20,000 views within the past 3 months. We want to help you get the word out about the business.


Are you looking to bring new eyes to your business. With every interview, we are building an audience that includes all types of people and business. What better way to promote your business over time. In past few month, we've raised our audience by 67%.


Learn more about how you can highlight your business with the CWF Network.


SPONSORED SPOTLIGHT ($75) This option will feature your business in the beginning & end of one of our interviews. (This could be your interview or another.*) We will create (1) social media video post (tiktok, IG, Youtube Shorts) to highlight your business/services. You can use this for your own promotional needs. The video will also be featured on the CWF Network social platforms.** * With this package your business will be the only one highlighted during the segment which will bring attention to your brand. You can choose a date for the feature to air. This works great if you have an event coming up. ** This will be a generic video with a voice over. To create a customized video, please inquire.


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT ($25 2 spots minimum) This option will feature your business in the beginning of one of our interviews.* *With this package we will mention your business/service at the beginning of our episode. This would be a great way to highlight a service/event you are offering.


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As a independent platform we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to help us achieve our mission and make a positive impact in the world.  We understand that everyone's financial situation is unique, and any amount, big or small, makes a difference.  


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